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PEP 29: 3 Exercise Habits for Beginners to Lose Weight, Feel Great & Get Toned

When it comes to fitness, the hardest part can be getting started. Whether you’re slightly injured, short on time or petrified of the gym, getting fit doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. Get on track and move closer to results by using fun, unintimidating exercise techniques that are flexible,… Read more »

PEP 28: 3 Therapies to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Injuries & Relax

In a world where you’re constantly being pushed to every imaginable limit, it’s easy to forgot to slow down and deal with health beyond diet and exercise. No matter how many leafy greens you eat or how many times a week you crush it at the gym, everyone can benefit… Read more »

PEP 26: The Ultimate Hunger-Eliminating, Energy-Boosting, Totally Not Gross Smoothie

Fruit and vegetable smoothies are considered a staple in weight loss protocols and cleanses. But what if your favorite smoothie was making you miserable? Often seen as the ultimate healthy drink, most premade and homemade smoothies are actually doing more harm than good, leaving you prone to bad diet choices later… Read more »

PEP 25: Why Vegan, Paleo & Keto Diets Aren’t Healthy

If you venture off into the abyss of YouTube videos regarding dieting, you’ll most certainly encounter arguments being had and insults being hurled between members of opposing dietary communities. Scientific information goes by the wayside as emotions and ethics cloud the health argument. Members of the vegan community despise members of the… Read more »

PEP 24: Healthy Snack Options & Your Questions Answered on Facebook Live and Instagram Live

In this bonus episode, Joe and Amber record a podcast while answering nutrition related questions on Facebook & Instagram Live. They also share 3 of their favorite healthy snacks and explain why these snacks are superior to their conventional counterparts.  If you want to be a part of our next Facebook… Read more »

PEP 23: 3 Food Substitutions That Will Change Your Life + Why Rice Is Not Healthy

A common mistake that many people make when attempting a transition to healthier eating habits is getting ahead of themselves. Instead of making a slow transition into better eating habits, many of us try the cold turkey approach and simply avoid some of our favorite foods at all costs. Often times, this… Read more »

PEP 22: How to Achieve Effortless Weight Loss

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New year, new you? As we approach the end of the second week of 2017, it’s estimated that 32% of people have already given up on achieving their new year’s resolution. In another 2 weeks, an additional 10% will totally abandon their resolutions and resort back to old habits. Interestingly, statistics… Read more »

PEP 21: 3 Food Additives That Are Making You Fat & Sick

Did you know that there are 6 common food additives present in 80% of foods on U.S grocery store shelves that are banned outside of the U.S? This is a frightening statistic. Despite science proving that these additives contribute to conditions such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer, food additives such as… Read more »