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PEP 48: How to Finally Reach Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Topics Discussed: 1:15: *Sponsor – LonoLife: Bone Broth K-Cups* 2:10: Episode Intro 3:15: The importance of understanding WHY most people fail to acheive their New Year’s health goals 6:00: We discuss research that was published in the PLOS One Journal about grocery purchasing habits during the holiday season. 7:00: During the holiday season… Read more »

PEP 47: Why Organic Isn’t BS: Xenoestrogens, DDT & More

Is eating organic necessary? Are organic foods any healthier than non-organic foods? It depends on your definition of healthy. Research shows that non-organic foods and organic foods have similar vitamin and mineral content. For most people, the conversation ends there. For us, vitamin and mineral content isn’t the only parameter… Read more »