Monthly Archives: August 2017

PEP 43: Artificial Sweeteners: An Unbiased Review of the Research

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  “Diet soda is worse for you than regular soda.” Is it, though? Do you ask them why? Is their response logical when you ask why? When I ask “why?”, people generally cite artificial sweeteners and “chemicals” as the reasons. “Aspartame causes cancer”, they say…. Read more »

PEP 42: Vitamin N Deficiency, Shinrin-yoku & NK Cells

One of the unfortunate consequences of living in our modern, fast-paced society is that we have lost touch with mother nature. Perhaps there is no greater deficiency to the modern American than Vitamin N (nature). We wake up in our comfortable beds, drive to our office jobs and then drive… Read more »

PEP 41: Aerobic vs. Resistance Training and Q&A Part 3

There seems to a lot of confusion among fitness enthusiasts. If you search the internet for fitness guidance, you’ll likely come across three different schools of thought: 1) Cardio is king. Aerobic training such as jogging holds the key to weight loss and overall health and longevity.   2) Resistance training… Read more »