Monthly Archives: July 2017

PEP 40: Deficiencies in Vegan and Ketogenic Diets & Individualized Nutrition w/ Marty Kendall

Searching the internet for health information can leave readers with more questions than answers. Between health articles on mainstream news sites, nutrition “experts” with financial agendas and supplement pushing bodybuilding folks, it’s harder than ever to find accurate health information. On episode 40, Joe spoke with Marty Kendall from Optimising Nutrition… Read more »

PEP 39: Oral Myth Busting: The Truth About Teeth Whitening, Activated Charcoal and Mouthwash with Dr. Al Danenberg

What if everything you thought you knew about taking care of your mouth was wrong?  With an astonishing 90% of US adults having some form of gum disease, the latest research has shown that many popular oral care practices might be harmful to your health. From the traditional to the trendy,… Read more »