Monthly Archives: June 2017

PEP 38: Circadian Rhythm, Blue-Light, Melatonin & Chocolate

When it comes to the most important lifestyle factors for optimal health, light exposure takes the cake. Sure, food and exercise are important. But did you know that being exposed to artificial light can change what your body does with the food you eat? Recent research has linked artificial light exposure to… Read more »

PEP 37: Coconut Oil vs The American Heart Association & Q&A Part 2

Here we go again. The American Heart Association released a report this week urging Americans avoid coconut oil due to its saturated fat content. Joe weighs in on this report and sheds light on cholesterol and inflammation as they relate to heart disease. Aside from going on a rant about saturated… Read more »

PEP 36: Q&A, Heat Shock Proteins, HIIT vs. Jogging, Maintaining Strength While Losing Fat & More

If you have been jogging in an attempt to lose weight but not seeing any results, there’s a reason for that. Traditional cardio approaches like moderate intensity jogging is not an effective weight loss tool. HIIT exercises like tabatas have been shown to be far more effective at losing stubborn… Read more »

PEP 35: Skin Health, Sugar, Hormones & Smoothies with Dr. Trevor Cates

Ever think that your cosmetic products could be making you fat? Chances are that at some point today, you used a skin product that contains classified “obesogens,” which can activate your fat genes. On average, both men and women use around 9 personal care products daily, leaving us exposed to around 126 different ingredients constantly…. Read more »