Monthly Archives: May 2017

PEP 34: Thermodynamics of food, Macros, Micros & Our 5 Pillars of Healthy Weight Loss

In episode 34 of the podcast, Joe and Amber unveil their 5 pillars of healthy weight loss. They also discuss the thermodynamics of food, why calories matter (but aren’t the only thing that matters) and why protein is an integral part of a healthy weight loss strategy. The 5 Pillars… Read more »

PEP 33: Understanding Alzheimer’s & Overcoming Cognitive Decline using a Ketogenic Diet with Amy Berger

In episode 33 of the podcast, Joe and Amber speak with Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer Antidote, to shed light on why Alzheimer’s Disease is being regarded as ‘type 3 diabetes” and “diabetes of the brain” within various health/medical circles. Without a cure or significantly successful treatment in sight, mainstream media has dubbed… Read more »