PEP 29: 3 Exercise Habits for Beginners to Lose Weight, Feel Great & Get Toned

When it comes to fitness, the hardest part can be getting started. Whether you’re slightly injured, short on time or petrified of the gym, getting fit doesn’t have to be scary or complicated.

Get on track and move closer to results by using fun, unintimidating exercise techniques that are flexible, low impact and less than 5 minutes a few times a week!

Topics Discussed:
00:15 – Intro + Small talk
1:20 – Topic intro
4:00 – Exercise #1 for beginners – rebounding
6:30 – The benefits of rebounding for your lymphatic system and the role of your lymphatic system for health
7:45 – Why we need to stimulate our lymphatic system and how we can do it
10:35 – Rebounding can fight against osteoporosis
10:45 – Rebounding improves lean muscle mass to fat mass ratio
11:45 – WARNING for women who want to start rebounding
14:00 – Exercise #2 for beginners – plus ones
14:30 – What are plus ones?
18:35 – Exercise #3 for beginners – tabatas
20:00 – Joe’s bathroom stall tabatas
22:00 – Benefits of tabatas
22:20 – Tabatas improve body composition better than jogging
23:00 –  HIIT like tabatas particularly targets burning abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat
24:45 – Tabatas increase insulin sensitivity
25:55 – STUDY: HIIT training decreased abdominal fat of type 2 diabetics by 44% in 8 weeks
27:50 – Episode recap
28:30 – Outro

Links to topics discussed:
Our book: The 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy & Increased Productivity
Tabata workout for beginners
Tabata workout for intermediates 
Tabata workout for experts


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