Monthly Archives: February 2017

PEP 26: The Ultimate Hunger-Eliminating, Energy-Boosting, Totally Not Gross Smoothie

Fruit and vegetable smoothies are considered a staple in weight loss protocols and cleanses. But what if your favorite smoothie was making you miserable? Often seen as the ultimate healthy drink, most premade and homemade smoothies are actually doing more harm than good, leaving you prone to bad diet choices later… Read more »

PEP 25: Why Vegan, Paleo & Keto Diets Aren’t Healthy

If you venture off into the abyss of YouTube videos regarding dieting, you’ll most certainly encounter arguments being had and insults being hurled between members of opposing dietary communities. Scientific information goes by the wayside as emotions and ethics cloud the health argument. Members of the vegan community despise members of the… Read more »

PEP 24: Healthy Snack Options & Your Questions Answered on Facebook Live and Instagram Live

In this bonus episode, Joe and Amber record a podcast while answering nutrition related questions on Facebook & Instagram Live. They also share 3 of their favorite healthy snacks and explain why these snacks are superior to their conventional counterparts.  If you want to be a part of our next Facebook… Read more »