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PEP 23: 3 Food Substitutions That Will Change Your Life + Why Rice Is Not Healthy

A common mistake that many people make when attempting a transition to healthier eating habits is getting ahead of themselves. Instead of making a slow transition into better eating habits, many of us try the cold turkey approach and simply avoid some of our favorite foods at all costs. Often times, this… Read more »

PEP 22: How to Achieve Effortless Weight Loss

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New year, new you? As we approach the end of the second week of 2017, it’s estimated that 32% of people have already given up on achieving their new year’s resolution. In another 2 weeks, an additional 10% will totally abandon their resolutions and resort back to old habits. Interestingly, statistics… Read more »

PEP 21: 3 Food Additives That Are Making You Fat & Sick

Did you know that there are 6 common food additives present in 80% of foods on U.S grocery store shelves that are banned outside of the U.S? This is a frightening statistic. Despite science proving that these additives contribute to conditions such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer, food additives such as… Read more »