Monthly Archives: November 2016

PEP 18: The Coffee Show: Benefits, Risks & Healthiest Creamers

Did you know that coffee can help prevent DNA damage and lengthen telomeres? In this episode, we discuss the amazing benefits of coffee including polyphenols, antioxidants and even gut health. We also discuss some of the possible downsides of coffee consumption including adrenal fatigue, mold toxicity, acrylamide and the adenosine/caffeine… Read more »

PEP 17: Alcohol to Choose, Mixers to Use & How to Hack Your Booze

What if I told you that most hangover symptoms can be avoided?  In this episode, we share little-known alcohol hacks to help reduce hangover symptoms so you can wake up after a long night of drinking ready to tackle any task thrown your way. These alcohol hacks are tried and true… Read more »

PEP 16: Ancestral Eating for Families with Jenni Calihan of Eat the Butter

In this episode, Joe and Amber talk with Jenni Calihan of “Eat the butter” about how to make ancestral eating patterns more approachable for mothers and families. As Jenni discusses, mothers are typically the ones who purchase groceries for the family, so reaching mothers and educating them about the benefits of high-fat diets… Read more »