PEP 15: The Secret Life of Gluten: What your Doctor doesn’t know


There’s no doubt that going gluten-free is trendy, but what is often doubted is the true nature of gluten sensitivity in people without Celiac disease. On this episode of the podcast, Joe and Amber tackle the gluten debate with the latest research on how gluten impacts our health and what we can do to counteract the spectrum of symptoms provoked by gluten consumption. Learn about how practicing Paleo dietary principles can help heal a leaky gut, in addition improving your overall health  by avoiding some of the most common agents of autoimmune disease.
Topics Discussed Include:
  • Gluten-free statistics
  • Does gluten sensitivity exist?
  • Gliadin
  • Leaky Gut
  • Zonulin
  • Gluten being a stripper
  • Plies the rapper
  • How to reseal a leaky gut
  • Bone Broth
  • Lectins and phytates
  • Donald Trump building “the wall”
  • Meditating to heal a leaky gut
  • Collagen, Proline, and Glycine
  • Ancestral diets
  • Eating nose to tail
  • Sprouted Rice
  • Avoiding toxins to seal a leaky gut
  • Being exposed to 80,000 toxins daily
  • Fluoride and Chlorine in the water supply
  • Antibiotics causing leaky gut
  • Aspirin causing leaky gut
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