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This is the official website for The Primal Example Podcast. This blog is the sister site to www.primalexample.com and will be the portal for all things associated with The Primal Example Podcast.


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Whether you are looking for the show notes for a particular podcast episode with links to topics discussed on the episode, free e-books written by Amber and Joe, or exclusive Primal Example Podcast content, this is the website you want to stay connected to ! Make sure to sign up to the e-mail list to receive some amazing free content and groundbreaking health research in the days and weeks to come. Also, signing up to the mailing list will alert you when a new blog post or podcast episode is uploaded so you can easily stay connected with us and help spread the positive message of optimal health, unlimited success and unwavering passion ! We ask that you stay connected and help us spread our passion to all those in your life who may need it.

On The Primal Example Podcast , you can expect be educated on various health topics ranging from ancestral health, ketogenic diets, paleo/primal living, and groundbreaking nutrition research that even the most advanced conventional institutions in the world are lagging behind in!


Joe Condora (above) , the host of The Primal Example Podcast is a Primal Health Coach and Primal Blueprint Certified Expert who learned under the tutelage of Mark Sisson and his expert certification program. Joe’s passion is to share all that he has learned on his own journey from sickness to health as well as what he has learned from some of the world’s leading experts and convey it to the audience in a easily digested and applicable fashion.


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Amber Lowry (above), the co-host of The Primal Example Podcast, is a graduate of Montclair State University’s School of Communication and Media. She has written for well respected publications such as Fox News Latino and Whole Foods Magazine. Amber’s role on the podcast is to provide more of a “balanced” perspective. Her passions include health writing, social issues, coffee, and wine. You can expect Amber to provide a much needed break from Joe’s rants that are sure to be ladened with scientific terminology. You can expect Amber to keep Joe in check with his science rants and Joe to keep Amber in check with her “social issue talk” to to provide a powerful, motivating, and educated listening experience.


Stay tuned and Enjoy!

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