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PEP 05: The Benefits & Pitfalls of Conventional Medicine

In this episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber discuss how being dogmatic about medicine is a rookie mistake. They also share a list of 3 things that are missing from the typical conversations about conventional medicine and tell you how you can win raw/vegan/paleo wraps from their… Read more »

PEP 04: How Stress Makes you Fat, Dumb, Depressed & Unlikable

In this episode, Joe and Amber discuss how stress makes you, fat, dumb, depressed, and unlikable. They share the biology behind stress & how it influences weight gain, cognition, mood, and perception. Topics Discussed: Stress/Insulin Gluconeogenesis Cortisol vs. Melatonin Corticotropic Releasing Factor and related hormones Being asleep vs. being knocked… Read more »

PEP03: Xenoestrogens, Estrogen Dominance, & how it Affects you

In this episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber break down what xenoestrogens are and how they may be contributing to a dangerous condition known as estrogen dominance.  The episode also includes research about the top 5 most common xenoestrogens and how they are putting you at risk for disease…. Read more »

PEP02: Energy Sustaining Breakfast, Ghee, & Facebook Q&A

In this episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber discuss what your breakfast should be to maintain energy while burning fat all day, the benefits of ghee, and answer questions that were submitted through Facebook. Joe also tries his best to not contribute to your inflammation 😉 Make sure… Read more »

PEP 01: Getting to know each other, Staying Healthy on Vacation, & Facebook Q&A

In the pilot episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber introduce themselves to the audience, share some personal banter, offer tips for staying healthy while on vacation, & answer some questions that were submitted to them through Facebook. Topics discussed include: Amber’s articles written for Whole Foods Magazine… Read more »

Welcome to The Primal Example Podcast Official Blog!

Hello all and welcome! This is the official website for The Primal Example Podcast. This blog is the sister site to and will be the portal for all things associated with The Primal Example Podcast.   Whether you are looking for the show notes for a particular podcast episode… Read more »